söndag 23 november 2014

Introvert vs extrovert, the introvert story

Here's something I've been wanting to write about for a while. We live in a society which privileges the extrovert type. Or at least we think we do.  Truth of the matter is that it's not always the one who yells the loudest that wins at life, so to say. But from my viewpoint, the extrovert type has an easier time in school, at work and succeeding to get a job, just because they're more relaxed around people.
Since I'm definitely not an extrovert, I'm going to focus this text on what it's like living the life of an introvert.
Some misconceptions that I've come across are:
  • "You're shy/Are you shy?"
    I can see why my quietness might be mistaken for shyness. More than often, this comes from people who I've just met. I just don't smalltalk very much and rarely speak if I don't have anything more important to say than "Wow, the weather's nice". It takes a lot of energy for me to keep talking about something that really isn't that interesting. Some days I've got the energy to smalltalk, but most days I just don't.
  • "You dislike people."
    Well, naturally, I can't walk around liking everybody that I meet. But, no, I don't dislike other people. Truth is I have a very neutral attitude towards other people. In that sense I rarely find other people interesting, but I don't dislike people in general.
  • "Are you depressed?"
    This one really bugs me. It rarely happens, but when it does... I.. Bah. Preferring loneliness before the company of others doesn't equal depression. I can see that when an extrovert starts preferring being alone, that might set of some alarm bells, but I have been this way since I can remember and I certainly wasn't a depressed child. Just because you don't understand my way of being and acting doesn't mean somethings wrong with me, and frankly I think it's quite rude to ask someone you barely know if they're depressed based solely on your concern about them appreciating time alone. They're probably spending that time playing some cool video game anyway.
Being around people and having to put on a smiley face just really drains my energy, so I have to spend some quality time alone to re-charge my batteries.
The fact remains that I love hanging out with my friends and they mean A LOT to me. I might just be more selective with whom I choose to call a friend. A friend to me is someone who is okay with you not being on top of your game every time. And a friend to me is also someone who can understand that you'd rather stay at home playing loud music and dancing around by yourself, without feeling hurt. We all need those kinds of days anyway, don't we?
Are you introverted/extroverted? What kind of misconceptions have you come across?

Christmas lights and bent water pipes

Don't let the title confuse you, nobody has eaten that many saffron buns, HÖHÖH. Okey, now that I've got that out of my system, let's continue on the theme of bad jokes. The Taipei Water Park - or - as it's called, the Museum of Drinking Water. Being exactly as exciting as that sounds, we didn't spend much time there. The only mildy interesting thing that we found there was this pipe.

It was bent during the Jiji earthquake in 1997. It reached a whopping 7,7 on the MM-scale, killed 2415 people, injured 11,305 people, and caused a whopping  NT$300 billion (US$10 billion) worth of damage. Luckily, earthquakes of that magnitude aren't that common, though smaller ones are, and are occurring almost daily outside the coast of Taiwan. Actually, I was trying to get some sleep the other night, when around 02:00am I could feel a rocking sensation as if I were on a boat. That was actually the building swinging slowly back and forth (we live on the 8th floor fyi). It only lasted a few seconds, and I found out the morning after that there had been a smaller earthquake around that time, outside the coast of northern Taiwan.
Other than that, the whole area around our building is doused in christmas lights. It looks so pretty! But it's sort of weird and it doesn' really give me any christmas-y feelings at all. It's around 30C outside during the day and I'm used to having frost and snow by this time back home. I'm not complaining though! I have my mulled wine and pepparkakor, so I'm happy. Thank you, IKEA.

And here, enjoy a picture of my extremely handsome (hairsome) companion. With the rainbow avenue as a backdrop. Fabulous.

tisdag 18 november 2014

Hong Kong garden

I was in Hong Kong yesterday to get some visa matters sorted out. While I was there I had a lot of free time so I did some sightseeing around the pier and just the central parts of Hong Kong. The tents were everywhere and all along Queensway that is still shut down, due to the occupying protestors. I think it is amazing that they have been going for this long and I really hope that they'll come out as winners in the end. It's important that Hong Kong can stay the way it is and not have to buy into the mainland China doctrine.

Hong Kong was actually really beautiful and charming, I'd like to add. Epescially around the pier.

fredag 14 november 2014

VIDEO: Everyday make up routine

Look at me, making arty farty youtube-videos. I have so much time on my hands and this is one of the things I've always wanted to try to get a better understanding of- video editing. I think I did allright.
It's not a tutorial per se.
I don't really like the idea of tutorials.. It bugs me, because I feel like many of them are built around makeup having a set of rules that you should follow. I don't view makeup like that. I use it to express myself and who I am, and I think it's an art form. Therefore there shouldn't be rules.
Ah well, enough ranting. I hope you can bare with me and all my kaleidoscopes!

onsdag 12 november 2014

Birthday girl

Shushhhh. #birthdaygirl #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos

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I was born '91 11/11. You do the math.
I didn't spend my birthday doing anything special. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung which was delicious, I am NOT kidding you. They have restaurants in different places all over the world, so if you like genuine Chinese food, you should give it a try. Of course, I forgot my camera so I did not take a single picture, sadly.
I am also happy to tell you that I've found a café chain that can do proper barista coffee! I haven't been so happy in weeks as when I had my first sip of their latte today. So, if you happen to be in Taipei craving good coffee, keep your eyes out for Cama Coffee.

tisdag 4 november 2014

Mysticism and the occult printed on fabric

I am happy to announce that my shop is now stocked and up and running on Etsy!
You can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/InDroneArt

Of course there are more patches to be found in the shop, these just happen to be my personal favourites at the moment! Especially the "Evil eye" patch in gold print, I'm such a sucker for gold on black. The design is inspired by old European folklore. The Evil eye is a curse cast by other people's ill-willing stares and it can harm you and bring you misfortune. By carrying around or wearing a talisman of an eye, you are protected against the curse, as the talisman will suck up the negative energy. Something like that. Most motives are inspired by either folklore or the occult. I've always loved all things mystic and magic, I guess it shows if you take a peek at my drawings..

All the patches are designed and hand printed by me.

If you're a blogger, youtuber or anyone interested in a collab, don't hesitate to contact me: indroneart@gmail.com

onsdag 29 oktober 2014


"What is this?" you might wonder if you've just stumbled onto this blogpost and you're not following me on  Instagram. Well, this is one of the designed patches I will be putting up for sale in my etsy shop on Saturday!
Every patch is printed on a sturdy fabric and are completely washable. The idea is that you sow them onto whatever kind of item you wish! Think of it as wearable art. Of course, you could also frame them and hang them on your wall, or perhaps buy one and give it to someone in need of a 100% hand printed patch

I have been working really hard these last two weeks to get this little project running, but it's been a lot of fun.  For more updates on In Drone Art only, follow Indroneart@Instagram